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Fighting Epidemic Childhood Obesity The Journal of the American Medical Association finds that 37 percent of American children are overweight, 19 percent are obese and more than 6.4 percent are extremely obese. First Lady Michelle Obama is targeting the childhood obesity epidemic that threatens our kids' health and future. So is Doug Varrieur. His Fat To Skinny program offers kids satisfying foods to replace sugar and carbs so they can slim down and stay fit.

Blowing the Whistle on Sugar Doug lost more than 100 pounds and reversed his type 2 diabetes through the simple methods in Fat To Skinny. With a simple demonstration, he exposes the shocking amounts of sugar hidden in our food.

Lifestyle Change, Not a "Diet" Doug explains how the replacement foods in Fat To Skinny help people to lose weight and stay healthy while overcoming their craving for sugar.

Doug's Life-Saving Mission Doug discusses his lifelong quest for fitness and health, from being a "fat kid" who was last to get picked for teams to his years as an entrepreneur who could succeed at everything except losing fat and keeping it off for good. He tells why he has vowed to spend the rest of his life saving lives by helping people lose weight.

Our Hidden Addiction Doug tells how Americans can kick the hidden addiction to sugar that's behind our obesity epidemic using the simple principles outlined in
Fat To Skinny.

Exposing Weight-Loss Myths Doug explains why many foods that are considered healthy contribute to America's fat crisis, and offers truly healthy alternatives that can help anyone lose fat.

Quick Fix For Life Doug has stayed healthy and fit for more than seven years since losing 100 pounds using his method. He tells why
Fat To Skinny can help people achieve results that are not only fast and easy but long-lasting.

Simply Life Saving Doug developed 
Fat To Skinny to cut through the confusing and often conflicting messages Americans receive about losing weight. He explains why he has made his message simple and easy to understand.

Beating Diabetes Doug vowed to win his battle against fat after his doctors advised him that he would soon have to go on medication for type 2 diabetes. He explains how the methods in
Fat To Skinny helped him lower his blood sugar and reverse his diabetes.

Women Winning the Fat Battle Doug's wife Sherri lost 75 pounds in six months using his Fat To Skinny method and, like him, has kept the fat off ever since. With swimsuit season approaching, he explains how women can get in shape with
Fat To Skinny.

Families Fighting Fat Doug explains how mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, husbands and wives and whole families can lose fat fast and easy by participating together.

How Not to Eat Doug exposes "breakfast boo boos," snack snafus, and trendy whole grain foods that contain too much sugar and sabotage weight loss. He details healthy alternatives for helping yourself, your spouse and kids to lose fat.

Without Exercise?
Fat To Skinny shows how to burn fat and lower blood sugar without prepackaged foods, surgery, drugs or exercise. Doug explains why exercise is not a required part of the program.

Results For Guys  Doug explains why men achieve some of the fastest results with the Fat To Skinny method. A hiker, fisherman and motorcyclist, he discusses how losing fat improved his ability to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

Helping Dad Live Long and Prosper Many men, like Doug, gain weight working long hours at desk jobs trying to provide for their families. Doug explains how moms and kids can help dads overcome the habits that lead to obesity, diabetes and shortened life spans.

FAT TO SKINNY, Safe and Sound Using the same simple language he employs in Fat To Skinny, Doug demystifies why we pack on flab. He discusses why doctors have endorsed his weight-loss method as a healthy solution for our nation's long-term struggle with obesity and related diseases.

Public Web site: www.fattoskinny.com

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200.

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